Share your truth

Writing for me is about impact.

It is about sharing a truth to simplify an answer someone is seeking.

A few years ago while living in Victoria, BC, Canada I was able to change my perception about what it was to author a book.

To me, writing a book was a long arduous journey of creative struggle. It was late afternoon in early autumn of 2010, I was running over to a friend’s place when I realised that the most powerful books I had ever read were small books.

Limited words, maximum impact.

Words that people can dance with in any way they choose. So I decided to challenge myself in writing a book in a week. I made a decision to trust that this would happen. Not through planning but intuitively. The words arrived one Wednesday afternoon at my favourite coffee shop. Turn Your Moments Around was born.

Later that same year I was inspired to write a song. Having not yet learned how to play any music I wanted to capture a series of feelings lyrically and just put it out there and see what came. The Light in Me was recorded in early 2011 and has since been released. While many more followed, ‘The Mirror’, ‘Be Here With Me Now’, have been recorded by creative genius and Soloist David Christopher, with ‘Arizona’ recently recorded by The Jolene Theory and to be released on November 22.

Notably ‘The Light in Me’ appears on the Soundtrack of Canadian Independent feature film Love Karma and VHS, while ‘The Mirror’ was recorded for the short film of the same name.

Early this year I was introduced to Catherina O’Gorman – Founder of Think Love – who my lovely lady Tania is currently studying with. This collaboration was extremely inspiring to me as it involved intuitively piecing together Catherina’s life’s work as a Life Coach. This writing will help create the Quest For Greatness Manual that is currently being compiled in the U.S.

I have a few other pieces of writing in the works that I will keep you updated on in the writing section of this site.

Sharing words with you is a gift that always returns and always renews. So here’s to becoming enriched in truth.

I leave sharing an image with a quote from Turn Your Moments Around…so on that note…

Share your truth…


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