Song Launch…

Happy Monday everyone…

The Jolene Theory will be launching ‘The Standing Room Diaries’, November 22 at the Green Poppy in Shellharbour, NSW, 7-10pm.

The band’s first studio album will feature ‘Arizona’ a track that I co-wrote with David Christopher. I had written the song while traveling in Arizona and the idea came to me courtesy of a heavy guitar riff that just wouldn’t leave my head.

I wrote the chorus and from there all fell into place. Dave and I went for a walk down to Shelly Beach in Manly for a coffee and he was telling me how he and the other member of the band Adrian ‘Red’ Herbert (who I used to play cricket against back in those times!) were heading into the studio to record an album and I mentioned the lyrics to Dave and we recorded a few ideas on his iPod when we arrived home and from all reports the song may well be the album opener.

I’ll share some of my lyrics later this week and if anyone is interested in the way I approach my songwriting I will be more than happy to share…I’ll be using different types of media to post so things will develop over time.

Comments and messages help, so remember that sharing for me is all about an ongoing cycle – we put something out there that is special to us – another chooses to do the same and so that cycle never ends…the only outcome possible is a beautiful fulfilled life full of love and happiness. It’s possible.

Bye for now…

Share your truth…


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