What makes you happy?

Is it external or internal?

Interesting to hear your thoughts on this one. What do you need – the conditions – the place – the feeling – the people – to be happy?

For me it’s definitely something that is internal – you need nothing. I’ve found that the search for things to make one happy is a limited form of happiness and is often short lived. Going internal is something more challenging but rewarding and overtime the need to ‘seek’ for this unattainable or false happiness is slowly washed away. Rather than going out there – you can go in there – into your heart and see what answers come to you.

Then decision time comes….oooohhhh. This is the time to invite your intuition into your decision making process. A reliance to think things through can often lead to anxiety and stress and ultimately lead you to taking a course of action that you know deep inside plain and simply does not serve you. So the path you are taking is to make a decision that you do not want to take. Sounds funny – we often wouldn’t admit to making a decision we didn’t want to make in the first place.

First step today – make a conscious decision. In a moment throughout your day or evening – make a decision in the moment, using your intuition as your guide. See where it leads. If you choose to continue down that path you can make another conscious decision and another and another…

All of which are made possible by choosing in a moment – something that speaks to you. Something that may even lead to smiles that last.

I can see you all smiling now…

Share your smiles…


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