Make the most of it

Make the most of it…

I helped an old lady down the gutter and across the street today and we started having a little chat about summer ‘We are certainly in for a good one’ she said. While I was helping guide her walking frame she said ‘Yep…you’ve got to make the most of it‘. We continued to have a nice little chat about travel and I wished her well and went about my trek to the Corso in Manly. I’d looked around three places (I cringe to say I was shopping for something!!!) and then saw her quietly, slowly crossing across the mall to wherever she was heading. Then something clicked for me.

How many times do we hear things like:

‘Make the most of it’
‘It won’t last’
‘Enjoy it while you can’
‘Slow down’
‘It will pass you by’

The list can go on but I am sure you may have heard a few of these. The key here is ‘It’. First thought is that ‘It’ is life. So we hear advice like this from people closest to us, we read countless quotes by famous writers, spiritualists, activists, politicians – that use the exact same theme I am talking about.

For me ‘It’ is about life and advice like this – particularly from people closest to us – can sometimes hit a nerve. When we receive the advice it triggers feelings and emotions based on past experience.

What to do, what to do…

Ask yourself – What is life? What ingredients are you choosing to make up this strange thing called ‘life’?

So next time you hear:

Make the most if it?

You know that ‘it’ is all the things you love so much in this world. The smiles, the laughs, the expressions, the trees, the art, the music. It’s about you – what you love. Make the most of you. Make the most of the moments you choose to live.

As some of you may know I recently lost my nan Rose. She was a proud, strong woman who lived a great life. She made the most of it. She told all of her family at different times to make the most of it.

So this is me making me the most of it.

Something to think about – the answers we seek are nearby. Sometimes it takes someone new to remind us of the gifts that are in our lives – the people closest to us…We chose them…so here’s to honouring them…

Share your truth…


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