The Show

Mavis and Patty live in Punchbowl. The year is 1962.

“Two tickets for the evening show please. Mavis and I are very much looking forward to it”

Patty finished day shift at the cement works and then mowed the lawn while Mavis did the housework and tended to the children. Finally putting her feet up when the kids raced out of the house, down the back lane-way to the nearby park.

The happily married couple are off to the cinema and then heading to the local scout hall for the Friday evening swing dancing. Mainly because it raises money for the scout club. Patty isn’t much of a dancer.

“That’ll be $1.62 for the tickets and a ticketing and administration fee of 25% each ticket.”

“What you mean?” Patty replies with a blank look.

“Well you see we have to pay for the rights to screen the motion picture. You pay us to watch it and we print your tickets for you so there needs to be an administration fee for that. You see we like you to think we don’t make much money from what we do but we really do. You with me?”

“Yeah,” Says Patty intently.

“So then what we do is think well hey, why not make more money. They’ll still come. So then we overinflated the cost of the food we sell. Does Mavis want any snacks?” He says with a smirk…

…Without pausing, he interrupts the now frustrated Patty,”You see you smell the food and you want it. We haven’t even heard of classical conditioning – think more popcorn positioning. Next please,” Snaps the all-knowing usher.

So after laying down nearly $10 for a trip to the cinema (which Mavis often referred to as the ‘Theatre’ much akin to her British heritage), Both Patty and more-so Mavis were left shaking their heads.

Fast forward to 2012, we print our own tickets, pay with our own bank cards, we can’t reach them on the telephone, even pay for our own internet, all ever without speaking to anyone, basically because they don’t want to speak to us and they are part of a company that probably hires people who need to have ‘excellent communication skills’ – yet another overused term in corporate Dogma.

So I leave you with this thought…

What good is communicating if you a). Don’t want to communicate and b). Choose to sound great using words that really have no meaning at all.

Here’s to communicating truth…

Know it…Share it…


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