60 Days of Love…

So I’m currently doing a 60 day Bikram Yoga Challenge!

Yeah 60 days…and putting together a small in-house documentary…The Challenge started on February 14 and will finish on April 14…


Well because the very thought of it scared me at the time as did the idea putting together a documentary!

I have no interest in creating a life that is guided by fear and limitation so I leapt right in and am feeling the benefits of my body detoxing (yeah that would mean sitting on the toilet a bit more but hey…sometimes bad is good right?)

My body feels strong and grounded and my focus and attention in class are holding the postures to train my muscles. Being present and listening to the words, stillness of breath.

As many of you will know I work with affirmations quite a bit and here are a few I have used so far during the challenge…

“Love is air and I am love”

“Love circulates through me with each breath”

“By being still. I am being here”

It’s hard to explain to people about Bikram…Many people I talk to have heard of it but until you step into that room and line up on your towel you’ll never know (oh yeah…I forgot…you’ve got to smile also – believe me it helps…even just a small one and if you’re really brave maybe a wink in the mirror at yourself).

So come on and have a go – it’s one of the beautiful things in life that you can’t fail at…you’re working within yourself – pushing yourself beyond your own limitations and receiving all the benefits.

Share your truth…

P.s I am yet to wink at myself!


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