What’s in a logo…

MOB logoI’ve been allowing a few ideas to flow through lately and they have resulted in some beautiful manifestations of what is true to me. Clarity is a blessing.

Moments of Being for me is all about having and sharing more moments that feel good to you replace the past moments in life where we felt helpless – powerless to change. Trapped.

By being truly in a moment you can see and experience the beauty that presents itself – the universal gifts, the smiles, the joy. What you see when you look through those experiential eyes really does have the power to define what we experience in life. This is why I often tell people in the feedback for their healing to ‘Look through the new eyes’ to make ‘that’ choice to see things differently.

As most of you know my vehicle of getting to the outcome I wish for ‘Sharing my truth’ is the Chakra system. How do I perceive all this information coming in? This external stimuli. I choose to see the world and my place in it as ‘Limitless’. Then you can be guided by truth…

If you would like to know more about how to find this truth…you know where to find me…

Through our Moments of Being…we can look at things differently…make new choices and share our truth…

Share your truth

Michael Lee - Head Shot




Michael Lee


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