EKOZOYDZ reach out to connect with others. From the planet EKO (pronounced Ekaw) the ZOYDZ wander the barren lands to fulfill their Muzunwa (life purpose) to connect. One connected they can now be referred to as an EKOZOYD and join in with other EKOZOYDZ to Kazeepawa…otherwise known as ‘create things’.

Just as the EKOZOYDZ would make things out of just about anything they could find – children will have the chance to participate in the first ever EKOZOYD Smileshops at Bikram Yoga Brookvale. Children will turn old cards, paper and artwork into their very own recycled paper, use recycled timber to create the ‘Frame of Hope’ and other creative pieces.

This exciting idea is being developed and run by healer, writer and actor Michael Lee from Moments of Being.

“I’m very excited to bring EKOZOYDZ Smileshops to Bikram Brookvale. I’ve always loved working with children and am excited to be running my own Smileshops these holidays. Kids shouldn’t have to ‘work’ in the holidays so it is our intention that we all leave with a smile and a few new ideas to take away”, he said.

“While each day will have a set activity, we will be combining it with fun games and explore the power of our imaginations to heal and be able to express ourselves when the anger fairy strikes!”

“At the end of each session we all come back down to earth and reflect on connecting, sharing and expressing” he added.

Each Smileshop costs $20, runs for 90 minutes and is suitable for children aged 5-8yrs with a limit of 7 children per session.

The current dates for these School Holidays are:

Wednesday September 25
Friday Septemebr 27
Wednesday October 2
Friday October 4
Wednesday October 9
Friday October 11

All from 9.30am-11.00am. We are also thinking of running a short film workshop on Friday October 4.

Extra times and dates will be added and there are no minimum numbers.

Call Michael 0452 295 490
e: sharing@momentsofbeing.com.au
w: www.momentsofbeing.com.au


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