EKOZOYDZ are coming…



What’s an EKOZOYD?

An EKOZOYD is from the planet EKO (pronounced E-Kaw). They are born as ZOYDZ and their ‘MUZUNWA’ (purpose in life) is to connect and reach out to others. Once connected they have found their place on their abundant land and can add to this planet through ‘KAZEEPAWA’ (create things) – they slowly start to realise they can make everything out of nothing, even what we humanoids know as ‘Fun’

What’s a Smileshop?

A Smileshop is a way of sharing something new with a clear path to what we want to do more of…smile and laugh. The perfect recipe for a smileshop is a pinch of storytelling, a cup of curiosity, a room full of imagination, hands to reach out, feet to plant and an abundance of KAZEEPAWA…

Healer, Writer and Actor (well…he’s really just a big kid!), Michael Lee has created this new and exciting idea.

“I’m very excited to be bringing the first ever EKOZOYDZ Smileshops to Bikram Yoga in Brookvale. EKOZOYDZ brings together all of my favourite things in life like sharing, connecting, imagination and working with children. My intention is to create a little community of EKOZOYDZ interested in creating their own kind of fun and help connect the dots to an abundance of smiles”, said Michael.

Wednesdays 9.30am-11am September 25, October 2, October 9

Recycled Paper Making – Bring some old cards, art work or even flowers so we can blend it up to make your very own recycled paper…just like Pixi Greenleaf! These days will also lead to diary and card making…

Fridays 9.30am-11am September 27, October 4, October 11

Tall Timbers – Recycled timber frames to hang on the wall or Dad’s desk…involves making the frame, gluing and dry brushing your very own design…just like Bigsy Tall Timbers from the planet Eko!

Activities are suitable for 5-8yrs and each session is limited to 7 children

Cost: $20 per session or 2 for $30 including all materials and a fruit platter
Bookings: Please call Michael Lee on 0452 295 490

Posters are here – ekozoydz_whatson ekozoydz_about


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