There is nothing missing…

Time to call of the search, you won’t find what you are looking for. Everything you need or have ever wanted is available to you now. Right now.

It starts with a decision – just one decision.

Something that you want – hasn’t manifested yet. If it’s stuck on repeat then perhaps it’s time to create a new perception.

What the hell does that mean?

Well just say you want to feel happy about a situation that in the past has tied your stomach in knots. Maybe it is being around someone that you view as being extremely controlling and you don’t feel free to be yourself. So you hang on to the ‘you’ you want to be and what you manifest physically is tightness in the stomach area (sound familiar?).

How can I view this situation differently and create a new perception?

The key words here are controlling and freedom. You can choose to reflect perhaps on ways you are being controlling in your relationship with the person. By not being free to be yourself you are inhibiting your true self – is that not a form of control? Yes this is about you – take the other person out of the situation – you create your own reality.

Their way of viewing you may be ‘I just with she would express herself more – she never says what she thinks’, however keep focused on yourself. I just want to highlight the merry-go-round that is control!

Old Way of Being ‘He is so controlling – he never lets me speak’

New Way of Being‘He challenges me to stand up and be myself. In the past I found it difficult to speak around him but once I expressed what I truly wanted – I was happier’

What do you choose?

As always the choice is…always,


Share your truth…

Final thought – ‘People want to listen to truth…the challenge is sharing it’


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