So ya wanna be crea8ive?

I wish I had this so I could do this or when that becomes this I’ll do it.

Mind clutter is in the way. You don’t need anything to be creative. You are creative. Let go of the limits. Release the tension in your solar plexus chakra – you are searching for the perfect conditions to produce an action – that quite simply do not exist. You are the condition.

Being creative is expressing your truth.

I’ll say that again:

Being creative is expressing what is true to you

If you start to let go a little, express yourself, let go, be free – then little by little, piece by piece – you will be living a more intuitive life. With intuition comes the full expression of your being…

So you don’t paint the perfect picture – you express with colour and canvas – trusting what comes is from the deepest part of your being.

When you write – the words come freely…

We have all heard and seen what happens when we dance like no one’s watching haven’t we?

My offer to you is to express like no one is listening?

Yes – What if we expressed like no one is listening?

Truth is they probably aren’t anyway but if you want to stand up and be heard and express your true self – it starts with one decision…one expression…

What does your heart have to say?

Share your truth…

“Express like no one is listening…because they probably aren’t anyway!”



5 Comments on “So ya wanna be crea8ive?

  1. This is a beautiful message which, as always, resonates strongly! Many of the creative ideas I have feel restricted & out of reach by limits & waiting for the perfect timing. The lesson I can see is to to do all things with a pure heart & follow the ‘soul speak’ that keeps repeating itself; there can’t possibly be a negative outcome πŸ™‚


  2. Very true Bel. Being a fellow fish πŸ™‚ You will know we are meant to flow with things – intuition being our home – life simply doesn’t work out well when we have to plot and plan our way. Feel more think less approach. Having known me for a long time you’ll see my growth in this area so it’s possible πŸ™‚ Love Love


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