Genocide Ride

I wrote these lyrics on Australia Day. I hope you like it and please share it if it speaks to you and your friends. Inspired by the graffiti in Melbourne.

Share your truth…

Genocide Ride

Get on board
You got the golden ticket
Great southern land
Only one surprise

Genocide ride

The sun
The land
These people
They walked
Hand in hand

Culture of evolution
Didn’t need no white man revolution

Don’t want no white machines
No corporate cupidity
Look far and wide
All aboard

Genocide ride

How can you say that you will
Go to heaven when you dig to hell
All aboard

Genocide ride

Step off the train
You and I
My brother, my sister
Because we are now
Hand in hand with one voice
Time to make the choice
Time to say goodbye

Genocide ride

© Michael Lee 2014


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