To the first PANCAKES of this world…

So yeah it looks a little different to the rest. Some like to sacrifice it. Some like to hide it between the third and fourth pancakes that turned out soooo much better. ‘Oh look at me i’m a pretty round pancake, all golden brown’…

It gots me to thinking about the motivation behind it.

You see that first pancake…’well it just aint perfect is it? It’ s a little different, it just doesn’t work!’

Well I like to call it the intuitive pancake. It flows in the direction it is meant to, taking the path of least resistance. Man that teflon is nasty stuff! It looks flat and round but that batter well it just won’t go where you want it to. The second, third and fourth well they are the conforming pancakes. Perfect in appearance and looks like a pancake should.

So I ask you – ‘In day to day life is the first answer that comes to you always right? That feeling that bubbles inside that you take six months to act upon? Are you one of the one’s that says ‘yeah I knew it?’ after the fact.

Let us remember we don’t need perfection, we need acceptance and actions of truth. Doing our moments best. Let’s band together and honour the first pancakes of this world. Perfect, beautiful, truthful, as they are, wow…man I love pancakes!!! AND I am proud to be a first pancake!!!

We remember the first kiss, the first drop of rain, the first flower, the first everythings! I don’t remember my 1125th kiss with my lover but I do know it was passionate, it was truthful, it was tender.

These are the ingredients that I like to offer my partner.

What ingredients make up the first pancake?

Thought so…


Share your truth…


© Moments of Being 2014


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