Success Stories

“My Fiancee treated me with a healing on Valentine’s Day. Up until then I had never had a healing before so I didn’t know much about it or what to expect. Upon meeting Michael you feel relaxed and comfortable straight away. It was very interesting to learn about the body on a deeper level in terms of the chakra’s and how certain things that happen in our lives can block these.
After the healing also not knowing what to expect I felt at peace. I felt like I had let go of certain things from my past and that I was able to be more present. I also felt that I wasn’t weighed down any longer with baggage from the past and I felt free again.
I would recommend this to any one looking for a spiritual detox like you would eat healthy, this is a great way to cleanse your soul.”

Megan, Sydney, February 2013

“Michael and I have known each other for many years on a personal level.  It was only recently that I had the privilege of learning and understanding Michael on a spiritual level.  Prior to experiencing Michael’s spiritual healing I decided to explore some hidden hurdles in my life and to seek comfort and truth.

Our body is really like an automobile which needs fine tuning and it is entirely up to us to treat it with the best care and focus. Spiritual Michael helped me find balance and simply made things work in a more pure way for me.  I had some obstacles in my life which Michael helped me overcome and conquer.

Letting go of fear and a sense of remorse at certain situations in my life was detrimental to move forward and accept the healing. I could’t thank Michael enough for the calming nature he reflects, his passion and expertise in this field of healing and above all his understanding for each individual and knowing how to effortlessly making them feel completely at ease and relaxed what ever the situation may be.  Peace to Mr. Michael.”  

Izaac, Sydney, February 2013

“I went to Michael to receive a healing and some balancing in my life. Michael makes you feel very comfortable about the whole process and explains everything with expert knowledge. The healing itself is quite amazing, you can literally feel a physical difference once the healing has completed. My perceptions changed and my body felt more relaxed and in balance. I recommend Michael to anyone looking at healing something specific or for a general lifting in their energy centers which Michael fully explains. Thanks Michael.”

 Max, Sydney

“Michael has a presence that invites comfort and safety in people. I was very impressed with my session, I could feel the healing vibrations and felt a lifting feeling. I was feeling some heavy emotions when I walked in and our initial chat helped me to relax into a more positive, peaceful mind state. I was also delighted that he had gone the extra mile to find me some follow up information that was useful for my healing. During the session I felt relaxed and soothed. Michael offers a pure, focused, loving intent with a genuine ability to connect to something deep inside of you and connect you with that inner self. It’s a beautiful thing Michael does and I am very grateful to have experienced this. I recommend him to everyone.”

Joel, 27, Comox, BC, Canada 

“I recently reached a stage in my life where I was completely feeling clogged up in all aspects of day to day living. The walls were caving in fast and I was imploding physically and mentally. I had not ever really looked too hard at my spiritual health as a source of becoming healed from my ails. I made a call to Michael to discuss a healing session and he was able to suggest a distance healing given we were on different continents at the time.  I was not fluent in what would take place and Michael explained the process in full and I completely trusted him to work on my energy and light sources.  Michael is a healer you can trust who has a higher consciousness working through him, guiding his every move. I can only speak for myself when it comes to endorsing this healing process. For me I felt a huge weight lift, I felt inner light and energy open up my blockages and I experienced some honest enrichment in my spirit. The personal outcome is that I was able to shed myself of unwanted energy and also feel a sense of being free of personal baggage that had built up in me over many years.  The feeling of empowerment I gained from this session was a welcome surprise and something I have since learned to embrace in my day to day life process. I have since called upon Michael to conduct further healing sessions and will continue to do so as my life progresses. Breathe in…..breathe out…….live the moment and embrace your spirit.  Thanks Michael. You are a not only a blessed healer, but a great friend.”

Daryl, Nelson, NZ

“I had been experiencing troubled sleeps, regular headaches and back pain. I had originally put these things down to old sporting injuries, a hectic workload and a mattress past it’s used by date. As a first timer to any form of healing and very basic knowledge of spiritual health. I had no expectations. In commencing the healing, Michael allowed me to understand the process that will occur and we began. Throughout, I believed it was working. Post healing, I immediately felt aligned. I felt calm and happy through what had occurred. I waited and reflected for weeks and eventually came to conclusion that I was experiencing long term benefits. I had not experienced a head ache or back pain. I slept when I was tired and felt more refreshed in the workplace and personal environment.Something changed – Thanks Michael”



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