Writing is a powerful way to share your truth. In a few moments your words can leave a person feeling uplifted in only a few breaths.

The answers we seek are simple. It’s our challenge in life to peel back the layers that don’t serve us. The layers that tell us that things need to be hard. Need to be complex.

“Michael is one of life’s great communicators. His words reach through to people’s emotive cores. As a singer/songwriter I have always worked alone when writing. However, Michael’s lyrical ideas have spoken to me at a deeper level and allowed beautiful music to come forward easily and purely. Co-creation at it’s best.”

David Christopher, Singer/Songwriter & Member of The Jolene Theory

It is the intention of my writing to share truth in the simplest way possible.

“Having had some amazzzing experiences with Michael’s writing ability and who he is as an amazzing human being we highly recommend Michael.  He is a being of great love and truth!
His writing captures the energy behind the words desiring to be birthed though language, thus enabling the worlds to dance together as ONE! His essence is that of angel Michael.  As you desire for an angel to write for you or for you to simply experience in this life time, hire Michael – he will remind you of life’s greatest gifts. That being, your authentic self, loving what you do and doing it with great love! We love you Michael :)”

Eternally Catherina and Gerry O’GormanThink Love Founders www.ThinkLove.com

I achieve this through songwriting, poetry, small books and am about to take small steps towards finishing a novel I started last year called ‘Hear Me…Don’t Listen’

In 2010 I made the conscious decision to invite writing into my life. It is a form of healing for me and for you as the reader.

“Working with Michael is a pleasure because he is insightful and dedicated. He brings fresh ideas to the table and is never self-conscious about sharing them, or of being critiqued. Knowing Michael as a collaborator and as a friend has been one of the more rewarding relationships of my creative life”                                   

Kindra Ormiston – Writer/Director, Love Karma and VHS

If you have any need for professional writing services please contact me on sharing@momentsofbeing.com.au

Share your truth…


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