The Mirror

Late last year, about a month after I returned from Canada, I was cast in a short film named ‘The Mirror’, which was written and produced by Nick Dale and Derek Fernandez. Directed by Nick – The Mirror:

The Mirror Man

“Is a voyeuristic short film about our hidden fears and desires.
A man who can no longer look at himself in his mirror anymore, decides to give it away. We follow him through the streets of an inner city suburb as he carries his mirror and along the way we cross paths with everyday people. When they look at their reflections, they are faced with their own truth, whatever that may be.”

The idea of an original song came about in a passing comment by Nick after I had offered the use of ‘The Light in Me’ if they needed any music. So I went away and worked on capturing the journey of ‘The MIrror Man’ (my role) to provide a glimpse of what that character may be experiencing.

It was a pleasure to meet and connect with such talented actors and filmmakers. This was also my second opportunity to collaborate once again with David Christopher – who performs the song in a way that allows you to feel every note and journey along each step that The Mirror Man takes – a true gift. I hope you are enjoying the posts and of course the lyrics…

The Mirror

Staring at these walls
Now I’m locked away
Hope that you’re the one
Whose holding my last kiss

Nameless faces
Different races

Lightless room above
Where I named myself
Turning from the truth
A pain that’s all my own

Nameless faces
Different races

Hide your deepest fears
Cry your misplaced tears
Wish I could sleep now
And turn back the time
Back when I was me
You were only you

Nameless faces
Different races

Hide your deepest fears
Cry your misplaced tears
Smile returning
I will yearn no more

© Michael Lee/David Christopher 2012

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